Tim Kolar


Graphic Design

" Good design is science.

I design for all types of media, digital and print, and for all types of materials.

So I design:

and so on.

Web design and programming

html, css, js, php

I design responsive and program dynamic websites.
My websites are fast and high quality, the program code is clean and easy to read.
If I use a framework, I make sure that it is high quality and minimalist.
Before preparing, I talk to the client about who his readers or customers are and what they expect, and I make sure that the site is enriched with quality content, which is crucial for a good ranking on search engines (Google).
So, no additional SEO optimization (search engine optimization) is required.

Fun fact: I hate SEO with passion.

Photography, filming and editing

I have some experience with photography, but especially with videography and editing.
I don’t have the best equipment, but I have all the necessary technical knowledge and a tremendous amount of imagination and creativity.
I am most reliable at editing photos and videos.
In connection with my other services clients sometimes decide on a short video or a photo.


As part of other services (web and graphic design and photography, videography and editing), I can help you, suggest and carry out marketing so that your clients get a quality and accurate presentation of your services and products.





Price list

Prices are adjusted to the scope of the project and the time of cooperation.

Min. 25 /h + VAT

Max. 50 /h + VAT

The offers are non-binding and in the reasonable case of dissatisfaction I will refund you, but I have not had such a case so far.


You can contact me at

I will answer you as soon as possible.